Maslina Camping provides you a pleasant atmosphere for a great camping experience. Campsite is located in Buljarica (2 km from Petrovac) in a privately owned cultivated area with 300+ years old olive trees and various tree cultures ( such as oaks, ashs, elms) which together provide pleasant atmosphere for enjojable stay.

Maslina Camping is a medium size camp with space for 100-120 units. Camp facilities include parking, toilets, showers, electricity ,wi fi access. Campsite is ideally positioned in peacefull area, between beach (200m) and regional road (200m).

Maslina Camping was founded in 1969 and is a privately owned and operated by Zaradic family. During years we recived many recognitions by international camping organization such as. ADAC, ACSI KAMPEERREIZEN.

We constantly improve our service based on our guests feedback and suggestions, while trying to keep camping spirit intact. Maslina Camping is open all year and it provide enjoyable and secure environment for you and your family/friends stay.